Malgorzata (Margaret) was born and raised in Krakow, Poland. Her parents were both
natural artists who were gifted in oil painting, pencil drawing and sculpting mediums.
Following in their footsteps, Margaret showed a natural artistic talent as a child, drawing her
beloved animals .

Margaret longed to make a name for herself in America and be able to send money back
home to her family. At the age of eighteen she boarded a plane for New York City, knowing
only two English words, “Coca-Cola and banana”.

Unfortunately, neither of her parents lived long enough to see Margaret’s full
accomplishments in her new country. They both succumbed to cancer as a result of the
Chernobyl nuclear incident. Broken-hearted, Margaret worked her way from cleaning homes
to becoming a Unigraphis designer in Michigan’s auto industry. A statistic in the recent
economic downturn, Margaret is focusing her attention on her oil painting and pencil

She currently lives in Pasadena California.